Third Party Lab Results | Certificate of Analysis

At Green Buffalo Farm we use a third party DEA testing lab to generate our Certificate of Analysis, or COA.  The COA is a certificate that helps ensure that our products are safe from heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and also shows the quantity of cannabinoids found in each product.  ​COAs are not only designed for companies to help verify final product outputs but it is also for keeping customers informed of the qualities of products.

Batch Numbers

D8 30mg Taffy - 0114224492

D8 30mg Gummies - 0114224491

1500mg Cool Mint Tincture - 11123006

1500mg Orange Bliss Tincture - 11123004

1500mg Bubblegum Tincture -1112305

300mg Bacon Tincture - 11123002

750mg Bacon Tincture - 11123003

2500mg Orange Bliss Non-Detect THC - 21916101

2500mg Orange Bliss Non-Detect THC - 11123007

2500mg Orange Bliss Non-Detect THC - 40228101

Single Shot - LemonAide - 5272

Single Shot - Fruit Punch - 5273